32Square is a full-service scenic and event design shop.

We take your great ideas and bring them life with first-class concept development and creative design consultation. We then take those concepts and flesh them out with our industry-leading 2D and 3D rendering and modeling which is customized to your exact specifications until it’s perfect…fully-functional and aesthetically innovative.

In addition to these technical aspects, we also offer expert art direction, contractor negotiation, budget advising, materials selection and purchasing, as well as so much more.

Whether your ideas are sketched out on a napkin or still swirling around in your mind, we can transform them into reality!

We design for a variety of industries that include, but are not limited to: fashion, manufacturing, retail, TV, film & television, live theater, the arts, food & beverage, travel & hospitality, digital media & services, politics & activism, and others.

Some of things we design:
* Pop-Up Shops
* Convention Booths
* Fashion Shows
* Art & Museum Exhibitions
* Scenic & Set Installations
* Custom Furniture
* Retail & Window displays
* Props & Sculpture
* Interactive Digital Exhibits
* Backdrops
* Promotional Campaigns
and more!

And once the design process is completed, we also operate a sister-shop that can fulfill all of your physical fabrication needs: SFDS.

Contact us today for more information, general inquiries, and quotes or estimates.